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The Reeve is Back!

Hey everyone!

I want to start by saying that I have missed you all, a TON! I have also missed The Reeve in general.


So, let’s begin!

As a lot of the community may know, I started The Reeve back in 2014, and since day 1, it was a very successful server, thanks to its amazing player base. We have had our ups and downs, but we have always maintained our course of action, which isĀ making Minecraft multiplayer servers with an improved quality and new features each time a game mode has been released. That’s why, I have decided to revive The Reeve after its latest server shutdown.


So, what exactly happened?

I will keep this explanation as short and precise as possible. The server was being managed with success, however, the server had a PayPal problem and most of the funds were not readily available, which made paying for server costs a problem.


Where was I?

Those who know me, know I have an IRL business and I was not that focused in Minecraft at the time, which is why Exiled was running the network. Because I was not easily reachable, Exiled was not able to keep the server up, and for that, I deeply apologize, since everyone paid the price! šŸ™


What will happen now?

Now, the server comes back to life! I am fully back and 100% committed to reviving The Reeve, a Minecraft server I have put thousands of hours and tons of money into developing and running. Obviously, we lost all the data we had, from website, forums, store, everything… Therefore, it will be a challenge to take The Reeve from 0 to 100 instantly, but it will not be impossible. To achieve that, I have decided to re-launch The Reeve with a single Minecraft server game, Skyblock!


Why Skyblock?

I chose Skyblock because when I started evaluating the Minecraft games that had been played the most at The Reeve, Skyblock was the clear winner. In addition, I took the liberty of asking a few server owners about the most popular games currently, and they all recommended me to start back with Skyblock and then expand from there. And that is why, Skyblock it is!


Donor Ranks, are they gone? Coming Back? Or?

Sadly, all donor ranks are gone, we are starting from 0. We lost so much data that it would simply not be fair to restore some ranks and not other ranks. Even though it was our fault for failing to keep the server up, there is nothing we can do. On the other hand, we will be re-branding donor ranks with new names and lowering their price so they are easily attainable. Additionally, we have made it possible to obtain the first 2 donor ranks in-game without having to spend any IRL money. And on top of that, we will be having a time-limited 50% Sale to make up for the lost ranks. So, new donor ranks, cheaper and with a discount.


What are the new donor ranks called and how much do they cost?

  • VIP ($20)
  • VIP+ ($40)
  • MVP ($60)
  • MVP+ ($80)
  • LEGEND ($100)


Will The Reeve stay as a single Minecraft server or become a Minecraft Network?

The Reeve will be a single game mode Minecraft server, for now. In the near future, we could convert to a full-fledged Minecraft network. Since we have no data, we are launching a Skyblock server so players can log and have fun, while we startĀ developing everything custom-made, once again!


Why should we play on The Reeve again?

To be completely honest with you all, it’s up to you. Sadly, The Reeve had a shut down and I was not able to keep it up because I simply was not here/reachable. It wasn’t Exiled’s fault or any of the previous management team, it was just a communication problem. However, those who know me and have been part of this community know that the server since 2014 to 2018 never had a shut down, we did resets like every other server, but we always had a 99% up-time!


Measures I have taken to PREVENT data loss from ever happening again!

Data loss is the reason website, server and ranks are pretty much gone. So, to prevent this from happening, I have 2 backup systems, one locally and one off-shore that will ensure if something ever where to happen regarding money, the data will be safe. Instead of launching another forum, we are using Discord for everything related to the community. For support, we will use Discord and Live chat. Both discord and our live chat provider keep data logs at 0 cost. In sum, data will be 100% safe from now on since it is not co-dependent on money.


The above being said, I will personally commit myself to keeping this server up, even if I have to cover all the server costs with my own money, I won’t mind. Why? Because I love The Reeve, I made this server and it hurts me to see it offline, I personally enjoy it, enjoy its community and all the constant fun we used to offer players.

So, if you were to join and play The Reeve once again, I promise you that it won’t be a decision you will regret, you will be part of a few players that truly believe in me and the revival of the server.


United we stand, join me, help me bring back The Reeve to its glory days!


Your friend always,