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The 24th We Go Live!

Hey everyone!

I know you’re all wondering when the server will be up and running. Well It’s going to be tight but, I believe we can pull a Christmas miracle.

All of our staff is making sure the server will be perfect for you when join on the 24th of December. We still have some staff positions open though. No limitations. If you are interested, msg me personally or @Ness & @Exiledcraft on Discord, since they will respond quicker than me.

Now, for the best part, since it’s a relaunch, all are ranks are going to be 50 % off. And you know what’s even better? You have a chance to get one for FREE. Yes, you read that right. We are doing a giveaway. We are going to choose 5 lucky players, so, make sure you are ONLINE since we are adding to the draft only players we can see on the TAB! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is log in our server, vote in all 3 links and be online having fun 🙂

Like always, thank you for your support!

Your friend, JohannFT