Skyblock Guide

Welcome to The Reeve’s Skyblock!

So, let’s try to keep this mini guide as simple as possible, here we go!

What is Skyblock? It’s a game mode in which you can have an island for yourself or share it with your friends. Skyblock on The Reeve offers many features, everyone starts small but with some effort, they can make into the big leagues!
Upon entering the server, you will be greeted by 6 NPC’s. 


  • Will take care of your old gear and exchange it for recycled XP.
  • Sells enchantment stars for the right price.
  • He is able to exchange two tools or armor for a better one.


  • He offers 2 types of kits, Member Kits (Free) & Donor Kits.
  • Members without a rank can claim a member kit every 6 days and a sapling kit.
  • Donors will have their own kit depending on the rank, and will also be able to claim the sapling kit.


  • Here, you will be able to manage your companion, that’s right, a partner for your travels, your own personal pet.
  • Every player gets a basic pet.
  • Donors can change its appearance into a block, solid colored block, heads, animals, cars or even a plushie.
  • Donors can mute it, change its particles, rename it, call it to you and change its behavior.
  • Best part? You can wear it on your head or even ride it!


  • Selling your items is always fun and profitable, that’s why we make it easy! Just talk to the npc to get started!
  • When not in spawn simply type /ah
  • To sell an item you are holding in your hand you must type /ah sell <price> <number of items>
  • Example: /ah sell 1000 40
  • At /ah you can also retrieve your item you didn’t want to sell or it was not bought by anyone.


  • Since we are on the topic of claiming, every player will be able to claim their reward chest at rewards NPC.
  • VIP and higher will have an option to claim their treasure and daily reward while members will be able to claim only daily reward.


  • Once you gather your XP hurry up to the trainer, who will upgrade your skills in return for skill points. 10xp = 1 Skill Point.
  • You can upgrade your strength, criticals, health, resistance and archery.
  • You can also reset your progress on-demand, but be careful, applied skill points won’t be returned to you!



Shop and Token NPCs:
In the server spawn there is also a shop where you can buy items for your island, which you can also access remotely by typing /shop. Next to the SHOP NPC there is also a TOKENS NPC, which will give you options to buy a VIP Rank or VIP+ Rank with tokens. He also sells keys for common, rare and legendary crates. Alongside these items he also sells some miscellaneous items.


Voting for The Reeve:

  • Voting for our server will give you 1 token and 1 vote key per vote.
  • To vote do /vote and visit each vote link by clicking them.
  • You can vote up to 3 times per day.
  • Vote Keys can be redeemed at /warp crates by clicking the Vote Crate.
  • Tokens can be redeemed at /tokens


Alongside vote crates, there is also a common crate, rare crate and a legendary crate. Obtaining the keys for them is done through rewards, vote crates, buying it from someone, buying them with tokens and via our shop by clicking here.


The last crate is the dungeon crate. Players can access dungeon through /warp and selecting the right icon. There you can fight monsters, get XP and the drops. When finishing the last wave of monsters, you will obtain a dungeon key which will open the dungeon crate.


Speaking of monsters, when in trouble go mining in the mines. Do /warp and select Mines, but beware, monsters lurk on every corner and gear is not provided for the journey. Enter at your own risk!


Fallen Chest Event
PVP is a great way to practice your fighting skills with your friends or even enemies. Every hour there is an event called fallen treasure. There are 15 chests located all over the arena which players have to find. They contain various item from golden apples to building blocks. There is a cool-down between each chest you pick, necessary so it’s fair play and everyone has a chance!

Fallen treasure is not the only event on the server though. Keep an eye on the chat. There is always a chance you will see a message: Hover for the word to unscramble or Retype the word. In this event you have to hover over the word ‘unscramble’ or ‘word’ to see the purple text. You have to solve it and type the correct answer in chat. If it says retype then type fast. Rewards are random. It could be money, tokens, experience, who knows.



  • Access the lottery typing /lottery.
  • Players have a chance to buy lottery tickets and enter in a draw.
  • Maximum number of tickets is 100 per player.

Ready to start?

So, to start playing Skyblock, type /is and you will be prompted to choose which island you want to start with.

When you pick your island, typing /is will open a new window. In this window you will be able to see your island info and level. You can warp to it, see, invite island members and visit other islands. There is also an upgrade center. There you can upgrade your island, change the maximum size of your team, upgrade your number of homes and hopper limit. With each upgrade you make, your cobblestone generator will upgrade too, so you will have a better chance at getting ores. You can reset your island up to 3 times per season.

If you have questions, feel free to ask any staff member or me personally via Discord!
And very important! Don’t forget to have fun and follow the rules!