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Get Your Old Donor Rank!

Hey everyone!

I have been talking to the head staff and we came to a decision regarding old donor ranks.

Even though we lost all the data, PayPal transactions are still in PayPal. Therefore, we will only be restoring donor ranks that were bought through PayPal. However, there will be a few restrictions.

1. You need to provide a non-edited screen shot of the purchase receipt.
2. If you did a charge back and try to claim a donor rank, we will know, it’s on PayPal, and you will be instantly ip-ban from the server, for making us waste time.
3. Ranks will be restored by me personally, so understand that I am 1 person that has a life, so it can take up to 72 hours for you to get your donor rank, after you provide the required evidence.
4. Lastly, if you don’t have a purchase receipt, sadly, we cannot restore your rank, so please don’t ask, thanks.

Please request your rank via our dedicated form:

Now, the old donor ranks will be migrated to the new donor rank structure as follows:

– Hunter, Paladin & Rogue = VIP
– Warlock = VIP+
– Vip, Mvp, Pro & Hero = VIP
– God = VIP+
– Titan = MVP
– Legend = MVP+
– Sponsor = LEGEND

Originally, I was not going to restore ranks because we lost the data and I wanted to keep it fair for everyone. But, after discussing it with the Managers, it is also the player’s responsibility to keep receipts of purchases, so punishing those who kept the receipts is also not fair. Therefore, we decided to do as discussed above.

We can’t make everyone happy, but we are trying our best.

Like always, thanks for your support and hope to see you in-game the 24th!
Your friend,