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Are You Ready To Play?

Hey everyone!

We kept you long enough in the dark. The time has come for you to find out!

As you know tomorrow is 24th, the day before Christmas. That being said, we are afraid you will not be making cookies for Santa this year. This Christmas, you will be on The Reeve! Santa will have to deal with it!

Tomorrow, 24th of December, at exactly 4 PM EST, The Reeve, new and improved, will RELAUNCH!

So make sure you are free tomorrow, because tomorrow we are also going to pick 2 random winners for a free rank! Also, during the next few days, we will be picking random players and giving them free keys and tokens!

In the meantime, visit our website, explore the new ranks, check out the rules, see the guide and most importantly, save the IP!

New IP Address:



^ Copy & Paste in your MC Client! ^

See you there!

Your friend,