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Latest Posts

Are You Ready To Play?

Hey everyone! We kept you long enough in the dark. The time has come for you to find out! As you know tomorrow is 24th, the day before Christmas. That being said, we are afraid you will not be making cookies for Santa this year. This Christmas, you will be on The Reeve! Santa will ...

Get Your Old Donor Rank!

Hey everyone! I have been talking to the head staff and we came to a decision regarding old donor ranks. Even though we lost all the data, PayPal transactions are still in PayPal. Therefore, we will only be restoring donor ranks that were bought through PayPal. However, there will be a few ...

The 24th We Go Live!

Hey everyone! I know you’re all wondering when the server will be up and running. Well It’s going to be tight but, I believe we can pull a Christmas miracle. All of our staff is making sure the server will be perfect for you when join on the 24th of December. We still have some ...

The Reeve is Back!

Hey everyone! I want to start by saying that I have missed you all, a TON! I have also missed The Reeve in general.   So, let’s begin! As a lot of the community may know, I started The Reeve back in 2014, and since day 1, it was a very successful server, thanks to ...